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  • Rescuing 2 Bobcats From Alabama - Part 2

    We left off just as the rescuers were going to net the two bobcats. See what happens next!

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  • Rescuing 2 Bobcats From An Alabama Zoo - Part 1

    A team from Big Cat Rescue set out for Mobile, Alabama to rescue 2 bobcats from deplorable conditions in a secret raid.

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  • FAQ: How To Work At Big Cat Rescue

    A lot of people ask how they could get a job here at Big Cat Rescue. Watch and learn more about how our sanctuary is ran.

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  • Top 3 Signs To Look For To Be An Animal Friendly Tourist

    How can you tell if you care being an animal friendly tourist? Here are the top 3 major signs to look for while visiting a sanctuary.

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  • The World's Smallest and Cutest Penguins

    Adorable baby penguins can now call New York's Bronx Zoo their new home!

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  • Why Some African Poachers Stopped Killing Elephants

    In Zimbabwe, the transformation from poacher to elephant savior isn't just a personal choice, it is a financial one.

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  • Adorable Baby Panda is Obsessed With Snow Days

    And it's one of the cutest things we have ever come across.

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  • Christmas Trees Are Catnip for African Lions

    Now this is a great use for an old Christmas tree.

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  • Cute Mongooses Playing in Ball Pins

    Too much fun to handle!

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  • First Look at Newborn African Penguins

    So cute and happy they just can't stop talking!

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