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  • Our Newest Rehab Bobcat Kitten: Spirit Feather

    Meet our newest rescued bobcat kitten named Spirit Feather. She will be rehabbed and released back to the wild when she gets big enough.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Bobcat Independence Day

    As we celebrate our country's independence, we like to think back to all of our rehab bobcats that got their independence back.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • The Release Of Phoenix And Captiva

    Phoenix and Captiva are starting a new life journey as free and wild bobcats. Watch as we release them in their natural habitat.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Adorable Baby Bears Wrestle

    Stop what you're doing and let your heart melt for one minute.

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  • Sea Lion Jumps Aboard For Free Meal

    If only there was an unlimited fish supply so he'd never leave.

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  • New Seadragon Species a Deep Ruby Red

    For over 150 years scientists thought there were only two species of seadragons.

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  • Daily Big Cat - Gilligan Lynx Gets a New Home

    Gilligan, the Canada lynx, leaves quarantine to enter his new, air-conditioned cat-a-tat across from his good buddy Skipper.

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  • You've Probably Eaten Beaver Butt Goo

    Did you know that vanilla extract actually comes from a really disgusting place?

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  • New York City Squirrels are More Evolved

    New York City squirrels have adapted to city life so well, that scientists believe they are thriving more than wild squirrels!

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  • Thank God This isn't Alive Today

    What weighed 900 pounds, was 16 feet long, and could kill you without even trying?

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