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  • Big Cat Pumpkin Party

    Watch as the big cats get their annual Halloween pumpkins filled with treats. It is always a grrr-eat time!

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  • Lion + Tiger = True Love

    Check out our odd couple, Cameron the lion and Zabu the white tiger. They do not let their differences come between true love.

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  • True Facts About White Tigers

    Many people love the beautiful white tiger, but believe it or not, this is an inbred animal and not subspecies of tiger at all.

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  • Tigers Get Hosed!

    The four tigers rescued last winter are experiencing their first summer in Florida. Watch as they get a refreshing shower from the hose.

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  • Kitten Party!!

    Join us as we celebrate the 500th foster kitten and her siblings as they take their first trip to the kitten cabana.

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  • FAQ Friday: Top 3 Reason We Do Not Feed Live Prey

    Often times we get asked why our big cats do not get offered live prey. Here are the top 3 reason we do not offer our big cats live prey.

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  • Tiger FUN!!

    Seth is currently Big Cat Rescue's youngest tiger. Despite his ankle injury, he really knows how to have a good time!!

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  • Celebrate Earth Day By Going Green

    Join Big Cat Rescue by going green. The big cats will give you tips on how you can protect the planet in celebration of Earth Day.

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  • Easter Tiger Bunnies??

    Watch as the tigers and lioness turn into the Easter bunny with our Easter face boards. Also some other big cats joined in on the fun!

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  • Rescuing 2 Bobcats From Alabama - Part 2

    We left off just as the rescuers were going to net the two bobcats. See what happens next!

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