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  • Large Tortoise Lets Himself Into The House

    This big guy knows what he wants and is going after it.

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  • Little Girl Freaks Out Watching Turtles Have Sex

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

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  • Animals Shattering World Records

    From the big and little, to the longest ears these animals took over world records this year.

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  • Thousands of Young Turtles Rescued from Illegal Market

    People watch and wait for the turtle eggs to hatch to sell them.

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  • Box Turtles are Fussy and Gross

    Oh how the tables have turned. Zoja caught the Furrocious bug and is declaring box turtles as wild animals! Sorry, Mike!


  • Little Turtle Doesn't Know His Own Strength

    Does your turtle or tank animal mess with his or her water filter? Are you looking for a water filter that you don't have to suction to the tank walls? Then we have the best product for you!