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  • Popsicles For Big Cats!

    As the summer months get hot and humid here in Florida, what better way to cool of than with an ice cold treat of a bloodsicle.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Tigers Get Hosed!

    The four tigers rescued last winter are experiencing their first summer in Florida. Watch as they get a refreshing shower from the hose.

    Big Cat Rescue Extras

  • Do Big Cats Like Water?

    We all know domestic cats don't really like water? But what about tigers, lions and leopards? ... We decided to give kid's pools to some of our cats to find out!

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Great White Sharks Lurking Below the Surface!

    Great White Sharks swimming just below the surface.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Sharks Attacking in SLOW MOTION

    Sharks swimming and eating in slow motion. What do sharks really look like when they are swimming and eating? With the wonders of slow motion you can take a closer, longer look.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Nuclear Sharks?

    Sharks swim off the Palau Reef in Micronesia in an area formerly used for nuclear testing. It is now abundant with shark life.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Sharks Feasting on Bait

    Large groups of sharks swimming in schools around bait balls.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Feeding Sharks BY HAND

    Hand feeding sharks from the side of a boat. Watching sharks eat from baited lines.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Stare Into The Eyes Of A Deadly Predator

    Look into the eyes of different shark species like Great Whites, Bull Sharks, and Tiger Sharks.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Go INSIDE A Shark Cage!

    Feel what it's like to view sharks from inside a shark cage.

    Discovery Sharks