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  • St. Patrick's Day For Big Cats

    Watch as the big cats play with their St. Patrick's Day enrichment!! Guin-hiss anyone?

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  • Thanksgiving Big Cat Style!!

    Watch as the big cats enjoy and destroy a Thanksgiving feast made by our enrichment team.

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  • Turkeys For The Big Cats!

    In celebration of Thanksgiving, the big cats and little cats enjoyed their turkeys and cornish hens for their Thanksgiving breakfast.

    Big Cat Rescue Extras

  • The Cats Go Camping

    Now that we are heading into the fall season and the weather is starting to cool down, it is the perfect time to go camping!

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  • Do Big Cats Like Potatoes?

    Do Big Cats Like Potatoes? Well they do when they are stuffed with liverwurst!! Check out which big cats liked it, loved it, or not at all

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  • The Big Cats LOVE Give Day Tampa Bay

    For two years, Give Day Tampa Bay has been the single largest fundraising day all year for Big Cat Rescue. Can we count on you, again?

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  • Holiday Fun With The Small Cats

    From the small cats to the big cats, everyone loves holiday enrichment. Watch to see some of our small wild cat species playing with toys.

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  • Serval Babies Will Melt Your Heart

    What is playtime without string? Nothing.

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  • Do Big Cats Like Water?

    We all know domestic cats don't really like water? But what about tigers, lions and leopards? ... We decided to give kid's pools to some of our cats to find out!

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  • GoPro: Feeding Cougars

    Shot 100% on GoPro - Feeding cougars from the perspective of the animal caretakers at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. You can see how quickly their demeanor can change once food is involved, these cats are wild animals and will never be tamed!

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