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  • The Caracals Visit The Vet

    Chaos and Cyrus were rescued as a pair. We want to reintroduce them, but not without visiting our veterinarian first.

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  • The Unsolved Mystery of Desiree Serval

    Desiree serval was rescued in 2009 after being found dehydrated in the Arizona desert. We were told she was a 3-legged female serval.

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  • White Serval's Greatest Moments

    Pharaoh the white serval LOVES enrichment. Take a look at some of his greatest playful moments!

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  • Nala Serval Goes Back Outside After A Broken Leg

    After enduring surgery on Nala's leg and 8 weeks of cage rest, She is finally able to go back outside to a new enclosure.

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  • White Serval Is 4 Years Cancer Free

    Tonga the white serval had his nose removed to take off a cancerous mass. Now he is four years cancer free, and he is doing grr-eat!!!

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  • Nala Serval's Surgery And Update

    See how Nala serval's surgery went to repair her broken bone, and check up on how she is doing now!

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  • Nala Serval Breaks Her Arm

    Nala refused eat, which is not like her. A keeper notice her arm was swollen, and then saw that she wasn't using it to walk.

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  • Serval Siblings Are Reunited

    Two servals siblings reunite in hopes to cheer up Zouletta, as she was mourning the loss of her brother and companion Santino.

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  • Ginger Serval Plays With Her Food

    Has anyone been told it is rude to play with your food? Well Ginger serval does not think so. She loves to play with her food!

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  • Earth Day FUN!!

    We are celebrating the 46th Annual Earth Day here at Big Cat Rescue. See how our big cats react to having "the whole world in their paws".

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