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  • Join Us For Our 2017 Wildcat Walkabout

    Join us as we celebrate our 25th anniversary by purchasing tickets and apparel for our 2017 Wildcat Walkabout.

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  • FAQ Friday: Shirt Colors

    When watching our videos, have you ever wondered why everyone has different colored shirts on? We explain what those colors mean.

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  • Tiger Undergoes Emergency Surgery

    Zeus the tiger was rescued with chronic eye issues. He experienced a severe complication that resulted in the removal of his eye.

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  • Major Hurricane Hits Big Cat Rescue

    Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida affecting the entire state. See how the big cats, staff, and interns made it through the storm.

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  • Reintroducing Our Caracals - Part 2

    After visiting the veterinarians to get spayed and neutered, it was time for Cyrus and Chaos to be reunited for their first time.

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  • The Caracals Visit The Vet

    Chaos and Cyrus were rescued as a pair. We want to reintroduce them, but not without visiting our veterinarian first.

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  • A Tiger's Feelings About The Solar Eclipse

    Everyone in North America is excited about the solar eclipse happening August 21, 2017, but how does Seth the tiger feel about it?!

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  • Bobcat Kitten Goes Outside And Hunts

    It was time for Cooper the rehab bobcat to go outside to our rehab enclosure. This is where he was able to hunt for the first time.

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  • Kitten Family Reunited

    Grace, a bottle fed foster kitten, gets reunited with her brother and sister after being turned in to two different shelters.

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  • Help Save Wild Tigers!

    In celebration of International Tiger Day July 29, we are supporting the Corbett Foundation and their project to help save wild tigers.

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