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  • White Serval's Greatest Moments

    Pharaoh the white serval LOVES enrichment. Take a look at some of his greatest playful moments!

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  • White Serval Is 4 Years Cancer Free

    Tonga the white serval had his nose removed to take off a cancerous mass. Now he is four years cancer free, and he is doing grr-eat!!!

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  • Curious Octopus Plays With Diver

    An octopus filmed in Hawaii has shown that even cephalopods can get into a game of peekaboo.

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  • Daily Big Cat - Gilligan Lynx Gets a New Home

    Gilligan, the Canada lynx, leaves quarantine to enter his new, air-conditioned cat-a-tat across from his good buddy Skipper.

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  • Can We Save the Tiger?

    Tigers are endangered... The wild tiger population has dropped 97% over the last hundred years, with only a few thousand remaining in the wild we must act immediately to save this incredible species.

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  • Giant Oarfish Could Mean an Earthquake is Coming!

    They carcass of a rare, giant oarfish has been discovered off the California Coast. Could this mean we're in for a earthquake?

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  • Rare 6-Clawed Lobster!

    Have you heard of Lola? She's a beautiful lobster with six claws! Let me tell you more about it! We're here every day showing you the awesome, bizarre, adorable, and everything else that goes on in the animal kingdom.

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  • White Serval Nose Surgery

    Tonga the white serval was found to have a cancerous mass on his nose... Surgeons performed a nosectomy to remove the mass and thankfully Tonga made a full recovery!

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