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  • Celebrate Earth Day By Going Green

    Join Big Cat Rescue by going green. The big cats will give you tips on how you can protect the planet in celebration of Earth Day.

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  • Oldest Living Leopard Turns 25!!

    Leopards in the wild usually live between ages of 10-12 years. Sabre the black leopard just celebrated his 25th birthday!!

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  • FAQ Friday: What Happens After The Cats Pass Away?

    Many of you frequently ask what happens to the big cats after they pass away. This video explains what we do with their remains.

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  • Leopard's 20th Birthday

    Sundari the leopard celebrates her birthday with a meat cake made by her favorite keeper.

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  • VERY CUTE!! Baby Bobcat's Nightly Playtime

    We have been told that Spirit Feather is very active at night. We went through the footage on her camera, and you have got to see this!

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  • The Windsong Memorial Hospital At Big Cat Rescue

    Having an onsite hospital to accommodate our big cats has been very convenient and beneficial for our sanctuary. Look at our progress!

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  • FAQ Friday: Do We Have Cheetah?

    Quite frequently we get asked if we have cheetahs. Watch and find out why cheetahs are very rare in the exotic pet trade.

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  • Cat Treat Challenge

    One daring child took the "Cat Treat Challenge" by going in with wild cats, lying down, and sprinkling treats all over himself.

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  • Draw My Life: Protect Our Florida Panthers

    Please TAKE ACTION to protect the Florida Panther and many of our other endangered species by commenting to the FWS by April 25, 2016!!!

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  • Cougar Rescued from Backyard Zoo!

    Big Cat Rescue rescued a lame cougar named Mickey from a rundown backyard zoo in Alabama.

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