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  • Ukrainian Cat Adopts Two Abandoned Baby Squirrels

    Two rescued baby squirrels found unlikely shelter and love from Belka, a Ukrainian cat, who adopted the squirrels into her new litter after

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  • Lynx And Wolf Playing?

    A unique encounter between two of Europe's top predators was caught on film in Poland.

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  • Trapped Orca Freed in Russia!

    Four orca's were trapped by ice in shallow water in Russia's Sahkalin region recently.

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  • England Welcomes Rare Baby Monkey

    An extremely rare Sulawesi crested macaque monkey was recently born in England-based Chester Zoo.

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  • Why Was A Baby Sea Lion In A Diner?

    Maybe it smelled too good to resist.

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  • Five Tiny Cheetahs Find an Unlikely Mom

    The five-baby cheetah cubs lost their mother at the Cincinnati Zoo after she could not recover from C-section surgery.

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  • What Happened When a Baby Gorilla Met a Baby Human?

    The cutest thing ever, of course.

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  • Eat Breakfast With Giraffes in Africa

    "You really appreciate the size of a giraffe's head when it's in your cereal bowl."

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  • Bunnies Go for the Gold in Jumping Competition

    Cuteness takes first place!

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  • Ever Wanted To Be A Turtle? Your Dream Just Came True

    Explore the Great Barrier Reef from the perspective of a green turtle.

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