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  • In Loving Memory Of TJ The Water Tiger

    We recently had to say goodbye to our sweet TJ The Water Tiger. His spirit will live on in the hearts of everyone who loved him.

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  • FAQ: Is That A Lynx Or A Bobcat

    Many of you confuse the bobcat for a lynx. We will go over the main difference to identify between each species.

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  • Foster Kitten Program Reaches 500th Kitten!

    We just picked up a mother cat and her litter of five consisting of the 500th kitten Big Cat Rescue has fostered!

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  • The Big Cat Drop The Beat!

    If the big cats were a band, we bet it will sound a lot like this...Turn up the volume as Joseph lion drops the beat!

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  • Big Lions Roaring!!

    You may have seen our male lions Cameron and Joseph doing their territorial roar, but have you seen big Nikita lioness roaring?

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  • Little Kid Supports BIG Cats!

    No matter where you are in the world, you are never too young or too old to support your passions. Meet a boy who is making a difference.

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  • FAQ Friday: Top 3 Reason We Do Not Feed Live Prey

    Often times we get asked why our big cats do not get offered live prey. Here are the top 3 reason we do not offer our big cats live prey.

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  • Make A Mother's Day

    The mother cats in our Foster Kitten Program are the total package when it comes to making the purr-fect pets!!

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  • Tiger FUN!!

    Seth is currently Big Cat Rescue's youngest tiger. Despite his ankle injury, he really knows how to have a good time!!

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  • Celebrate Earth Day By Going Green

    Join Big Cat Rescue by going green. The big cats will give you tips on how you can protect the planet in celebration of Earth Day.

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