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  • Bobcat Kitten Goes Outside And Hunts

    It was time for Cooper the rehab bobcat to go outside to our rehab enclosure. This is where he was able to hunt for the first time.

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  • Lets Put An End To Bobcat Trapping!!

    Learn about bobcat trapping for the use of fur, and how we can put a stop to it!

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  • The Release Of Phoenix And Captiva

    Phoenix and Captiva are starting a new life journey as free and wild bobcats. Watch as we release them in their natural habitat.

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  • The Last People to Hunt With Golden Eagles

    A small tribe in the Mongolian Altai Mountains hunts with a rather unusual tool... golden eagles.

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  • Maximum Protection for One Endangered Rhino

    Armed rangers are guarding a northern white rhino 24 hours a day. But, why does this particular rhino need so much protection?

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  • Baby Elephant Fights off 14 Lions

    When 14 lions are hungry, not much can get in their way. But we're rooting for underdog!

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  • Can We Save the Tiger?

    Tigers are endangered... The wild tiger population has dropped 97% over the last hundred years, with only a few thousand remaining in the wild we must act immediately to save this incredible species.

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  • Angry Birds, Big Cats & Golden Eggs!

    NEW Angry Birds Golden Egg Levels Discovered at Big Cat Rescue! Watch tigers, lions, leopards, cougars and lynx, having fun searching for and DESTROYING their golden eggs! :) HAPPY EASTER!

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  • Global March For Lions - Big Cat Rescue, Tampa FL

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  • Never Turn Your Back on BIG CATS!

    Tigers, lions, leopards and all other species of big cats are WILD animals, they will always have their wild instincts and as this video illustrates they will never make good "pets" !!

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