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  • Top 3 Rescue Stories of 2014

    These pets made the headlines this year for their epic rescues, and their stories are still guaranteed to make your heart melt!

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  • Why Do People Think Werewolves are Real?

    Have you ever wondered where the Werewolf story comes from? Watch today's video and explore the origins of one of Halloween's greatest legends - The Werewolf!

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  • How Lemur Families Communicate With Pee

    Find out how Lemurs use their bathroom habits to communicate with each other. It's the animal kingdom equivalent to writing on the bathroom wall!

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  • The Largest Canines in The Animal Kingdom

    Wolves are considered to be some of the fiercest predators in the animal kingdom. Did you know they can eat up to 20lbs of meat in a single sitting? Watch this episode of Weird, Gross, and Beautiful to learn more about wolves!

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  • Supreme Court Case Florida v. Jardines As Retold by Dogs

    John Oliver challenged us to use dogs to tell the story of a Supreme Court case. Challenge accepted!

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  • The End of The White Rhino

    With only six white rhinos left on the planet, extinction of the species seems imminent.

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  • Which Animals Had Sex First?

    Which animal was the first to fornicate? We travel back 385 million years to explore the origins of sexual intercourse among animals.

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  • Can Rats Spread Ebola?

    Rats are notorious for carrying diseases. Could they be a potential carrier of the deadly Ebola virus?

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  • Why Do Walruses Have Mustaches?

    Walruses are famous for their huge tusks, but there are many other facts about these giant marine mammals you may not know!

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