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  • A Tiger Family Thanksgiving

    Tiger Andre and Arthur are brothers. Watch as they enjoy and wrestle over some Thanksgiving goodies. Boy will be boys!

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  • Big Cat Pumpkin Party

    Watch as the big cats get their annual Halloween pumpkins filled with treats. It is always a grrr-eat time!

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  • Easter Tiger Bunnies??

    Watch as the tigers and lioness turn into the Easter bunny with our Easter face boards. Also some other big cats joined in on the fun!

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  • Holiday Fun With The Small Cats

    From the small cats to the big cats, everyone loves holiday enrichment. Watch to see some of our small wild cat species playing with toys.

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  • Big Cat Christmas Sing Along

    Sing along with the big cats the classic Christmas song, O Christmas Tree. Watch as the big cats sing and play with their Christmas trees.

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  • Wishing You A Slow Motion Cat Christmas!

    Cats and Christmas decorations: see it all go down in slow motion.


  • Funny Cats Destroying Christmas Trees

    Do they want the ornaments for toys or are they all grinches in disguise?

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  • Dogs and Cats Munch Down with Human Hands

    It's the funniest holiday feast you'll ever attend.

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  • Guilty Dog Caught Eating Ornaments

    The evidence is in his adorable red mouth!

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  • Newborn Animals Squeak Silent Night

    The howls and meows are just too cute, and apparently very tiring!

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