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  • Help Us And Vote For Our KITTENS!!!

    Big Cat Rescue is an accredited sanctuary for abused and abandoned exotic cats, but we are PASSIONATE about little cats too!

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  • Draw My Life: Protect Our Florida Panthers

    Please TAKE ACTION to protect the Florida Panther and many of our other endangered species by commenting to the FWS by April 25, 2016!!!

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  • Animals Rescuing Other Animals

    Go ahead and grab a tissue. We'll wait.

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  • Abused Bears Suffering in Vietnam

    Bears are trapped in small cages for the painful and illegal extraction of their bile for "medicinal" practices.

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  • Neglected Gorilla Baby is Taught by Costumed Humans

    Dressing up like a gorilla is fun with a purpose!

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  • Rescued Orangutan Takes His First Steps

    Buddi couldn't sit up without immense pain a few weeks ago, now he takes his first big boy steps!

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  • Why Do Whales Beach Themselves?

    Recently, 200 whales washed up on a beach in New Zealand, and many died from dehydration before they were rescued. Why do whales do this to themselves and how do we help them?

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  • Daily Big Cat - Mickey Cougar Physical Therapy

    After about a month at Big Cat Rescue and a whole heaping lot of love and care, Mickey cougar is on the road to recovery. In this video we see how his stride has improved since surgery took place on his knee.

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  • Daily Big Cat - Little Feather Gets Fluids

    Little Feather the bobcat gets fluids to compensate for her kidney deficiencies. Jamie uses a scratcher to keep her calm during the procedure and remove matted fur while Master Keeper Gale handles the IV.

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  • Cougar Rescued from Backyard Zoo!

    Big Cat Rescue rescued a lame cougar named Mickey from a rundown backyard zoo in Alabama.

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