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  • FAQ Friday: Shirt Colors

    When watching our videos, have you ever wondered why everyone has different colored shirts on? We explain what those colors mean.

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  • FAQ: Is That A Lynx Or A Bobcat

    Many of you confuse the bobcat for a lynx. We will go over the main difference to identify between each species.

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  • FAQ Friday: Top 3 Reason We Do Not Feed Live Prey

    Often times we get asked why our big cats do not get offered live prey. Here are the top 3 reason we do not offer our big cats live prey.

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  • FAQ Friday: Cole And Marmalade's Owner?!

    Several people recognize our former media producer in many of our videos and ask, "Is that the guy from Cole and Marmalade?"

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  • FAQ Friday: Releasing Big Cat Into The Wild

    This month's FAQ Friday answers the common question of why we can not release our big cats into the wild.

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  • FAQ Friday: Keisha and Zeus Tigers

    We get a lot of questions about our two New York tigers, Keisha and Zeus. Is Zeus blind? And what happened to Keisha's tail?

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  • FAQ Friday: Big Cats And Their Scent Glands

    Why do the big cats rub their faces on things? Why are the big cats rubbing on the side of their enclosure? Scent marking is the answer!

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