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  • Hoover Tiger's Birthday and Anniversary

    April 23rd we celebrated Hoover the rescued circus tiger's 13th birthday and one year anniversary at Big Cat Rescue.

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  • Toys For BIG CATS!!

    Watch as the big cats have a ball with their permanent enrichment toys. Thank you to all of the amazing people that donated these toys!

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  • Baby Bobcat Love

    Watch as Nabisco and Mrs. Claws bobcats celebrate Valentine's Day with dinner for two.

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  • A Tiger's Road To Recovery

    The day after Priya's arrival to Big Cat Rescue, she underwent a life saving surgery. See how she is doing today.

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  • 12 Days Of Christmas - Big Cat Edition

    Enjoy the Christmas song "12 Days Of Christmas" with a big cat spin to it. Happy Holidays!

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  • The World's Largest Rodent is Actually Cute

    Would you want one as a pet?

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  • The Sad Truth Behind Some Animal Sanctuaries

    On Catie's trip to Mexico she found out some very sad news. Many exotic animal sanctuaries actually abuse the animals there, and often put them into the exotic animal trade where they are killed for their fur and other parts.

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  • This Animal Will Bite Your Arm Off

    Tapirs not only look really weird and crazy but if you double cross them they will come after you!

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  • Why Did This Town Hang An Elephant?

    In 1916, a crowd of two thousand people gathered in Erwin Tennessee to hang an Asian elephant named Mary. What could've prompted them to do such a thing?

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  • 3 Tigers Rescued from NY Sanctuary

    Big Cat Rescue saved 3 starving tigers from a New York "sanctuary" after they lost their USDA license and the animals were confiscated by the Sheriff's Department... There are an estimated 10,000 - 20,000 privately owned big cats in the USA, cubs bred to be used as photo props and then sold as "pets" confined to tiny backyard cages, killed for their body parts and exotic meat trade or bounced around between different facilities.

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