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  • FAQ Friday - Do The Big Cats Eat Bones?

    Many of you ask, especially after watching our big cats eat whole turkeys, if the big cats eat bones. Watch and find out!!

    Big Cat Rescue Extras

  • How a Tiger Prepares a Turkey (with Keisha & Zeus)

    Zeus and Keisha tiger are celebrating their first Thanksgiving with Big Cat Rescue by illustrating how one prepares the perfect holiday bird in two VERY different ways. A special thanks to all those who donated to our Turkey fund and have helped provide a special holiday treat to all our cats!

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Big Cat Popsicles!

    How do lions, tigers and leopards stay cool and refreshed during the summer? ... Big Cat Popsicles of course! As part of our enrichment program at Big Cat Rescue we make our residents frozen treats that they really enjoy! These include bloodsicles, sardine martinis and poultry pops!

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  • How to Feed 100 BIG CATS!

    With 65 acres and almost 100 exotic cats, feeding time at Big Cat Rescue is a full scale operation! Take a look at how we do it....

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  • Black Leopard Birthday!

    Sabre the Black Leopard celebrates his 22nd birthday! Big Cat Rescue volunteers made him his very own birthday MEAT cake, complete with 22 chicken neck "candles" and Sabre definitely enjoyed his birthday treat! :)

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Great White Sharks Lurking Below the Surface!

    Great White Sharks swimming just below the surface.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Feeding Sharks BY HAND

    Hand feeding sharks from the side of a boat. Watching sharks eat from baited lines.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Stare Into The Eyes Of A Deadly Predator

    Look into the eyes of different shark species like Great Whites, Bull Sharks, and Tiger Sharks.

    Discovery Sharks

  • Go INSIDE A Shark Cage!

    Feel what it's like to view sharks from inside a shark cage.

    Discovery Sharks

  • How Do You Feed a SHARK? Very Carefully...

    Sharks like Great Whites in the open ocean enjoy snacks of fish on the line and Sand Tigers in aquariums snatch their snacks from feeding poles.

    Discovery Sharks