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  • Easter Tiger Bunnies??

    Watch as the tigers and lioness turn into the Easter bunny with our Easter face boards. Also some other big cats joined in on the fun!

    Big Cat Rescue Extras

  • Bunnies Go for the Gold in Jumping Competition

    Cuteness takes first place!

    Animalist News

  • Rabbits: You Could Fill a Hat With What You Don't Know

    A magic hat, that is!

    Editors' Picks

  • Rabbit Gets Beer for His Human

    Seems fitting since they both have some hop in them.

    Editors' Picks

  • Boston Terrier Has a Bunny Trapped Inside Him

    Staying still is very hard when you're excited!

    Editors' Picks

  • Bunnies Party Too Hard on July 4th

    Animalist set up a delightful picnic for these bunnies for the 4th of July, expecting sweet moments from hungry little bunnies. But then this happened. Watch these fun-loving animals every day on webcam! http://www.apl.tv/bunnies.htm


  • How Fast Can Bunnies Reproduce?

    Rabbits can reproduce fast. How Fast? Watch and find out!

    Weird, Gross and Beautiful

  • No More Bunny Business Vs. Undercover Boss - Cute Combat Ep. 2

    In this week's episode NO MORE BUNNY BUSINESS faces off against LIKE AN UNDERCOVER BOSS for their chance to become CUTE COMBAT WINNER! The best part? You decide who wins. Leave your vote in the comments or tweet it to us @Petsami!

    Cute Combat

  • A Family of Harris Hawks Gang Up On A Poor Bunny Rabbit

    Today on a very special Animal Takedowns we travel to the Sonoran Desert to check in on a family of Harris Hawks living high above a treacherous cactus patch during dinner time.

    Animal Takedowns with Tay Zonday

  • Bunnies are Infected, Furry Zombies

    Forget healthy lunches or a peaceful home, because Mike's girlfriend wants a bunny. And bunnies are going to eat all the lettuce and ruin their relationship. FOREVER.