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  • Oldest Living Leopard Turns 25!!

    Leopards in the wild usually live between ages of 10-12 years. Sabre the black leopard just celebrated his 25th birthday!!

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  • BIG CATS Eating Treats In Slow Mo

    Big Cat in Slow Motion...Watch as tigers, a lion, and a black leopard take treats in slow motion. See how big and majestic they are!!

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  • Rescued Black Leopard Leaps Into Woman's Arms

    Why can't this happen to us?

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  • Jumanji leopard gets his toe looked at

    Jumanji leopard was discovered to have a mass on his toe some months back and palm frond in his mouth more recently. In this video, he gets checked up by our wonderful vet and the growth is removed for further examination in the lab. CAUTION! Parts of this video contain graphic images of medical procedures.

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  • 3 Tigers Rescued from NY Sanctuary

    Big Cat Rescue saved 3 starving tigers from a New York "sanctuary" after they lost their USDA license and the animals were confiscated by the Sheriff's Department... There are an estimated 10,000 - 20,000 privately owned big cats in the USA, cubs bred to be used as photo props and then sold as "pets" confined to tiny backyard cages, killed for their body parts and exotic meat trade or bounced around between different facilities.

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  • Black Leopard Birthday!

    Sabre the Black Leopard celebrates his 22nd birthday! Big Cat Rescue volunteers made him his very own birthday MEAT cake, complete with 22 chicken neck "candles" and Sabre definitely enjoyed his birthday treat! :)

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  • "Pet" African Serval Rescued

    Nala is an African Serval, she was kept as a "pet" for the first three years of her life, until her owner died and she needed a new home. Fortunately Big Cat Rescue was in a postion to take her in and give her a permanent home in a more natural environment.

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  • Hear a Black Leopard "Sawing!"

    Watch Jumanji the black leopard "sawing!" Leopards have a distinctive call that sounds like a wood plank being cut with a saw. The sawing sound is repeated at intervals of six minutes or so during the peak calling hours which tend to occur in early evening or before dawn. The leopard's call allows territorial neighbors to keep out of each others way and also allows males and females to find each other.

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