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  • These Hero Dogs Save Lives

    Everything you need to know about the great work of search and rescue dogs.

    Best Breed Ever!

  • World's Rarest Dog Breeds

    One breed actually lives in the jungle undomesticated while another is an adorable fluff ball, these are the top 5 rarest dog breeds.

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  • Best Dog Breeds to Watch Sports With!

    Here are the top dogs to watch sports with! Whether its rooting for your home team, or getting a drink from the fridge we have the best dog breeds covered!

    Best Breed Ever!

  • Top 4 Dog Breeds for Playing Football!

    We put together a list of the top 4 dog breeds for some key football positions in celebration of the upcoming Puppy Bowl! What breeds would you choose for each position?

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  • Why Do We Breed Dogs to Be Unhealthy?

    Dr. Dodman explains why many purebred dogs experience health problems.

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  • Are Hypoallergenic Dogs Really Effective?

    Dr. Nick Dodman simplifies the explanation, and tells you what it really means to have a hypoallergenic pet!

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  • How Do I Get My Dog to Play with Its Own Toys?

    Running into issues where your dog is playing with (or chewing!) your shoes, your cat's toys, or your child's favorite teddy bear? They may mean no harm, but there is a way to prevent it and make sure everyone is happy. Dr. Dodman has the answer!

    Best Breed Ever!

  • Great Pyrenees Facts: Protective Pups

    These protective pooches love to look after the little ones around the house, whether it's children or other animals.

    Best Breed Ever!

  • Weimaraner Facts: The Dog with the Human Brain

    Explore one of the worlds smartest breeds.

    Best Breed Ever!

  • Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

    Pit bulls are the most controversial dog breed in existence. Some believe they're naturally aggressive dogs, while others believe it's all in how they are nurtured. What do you think?

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