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  • England Welcomes Rare Baby Monkey

    An extremely rare Sulawesi crested macaque monkey was recently born in England-based Chester Zoo.

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  • These Snow Leopards Are Getting A Cool Treat

    San Diego Zoo pumped more than 8 tons of white, cold, fluffy snow into their snow leopards' habitat.

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  • Flying African Rhinos to Safety

    To save Africa's rhinos from extinction, conservationists and governments are working together to attempt the first ever large scale....

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  • Why Was A Baby Sea Lion In A Diner?

    Maybe it smelled too good to resist.

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  • An Unexpected Bundle Of Joy At An Australia Zoo?

    Staff at at the Taronga Zoo in Australia were shocked when they found a joey peeking from its mother's pouch. No-one expected...

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  • Indian Runner Ducks a Better Vineyard Pest Control?

    In South Africa, a wine farmer is 'employing' Indian Runner Ducks to help keep pests at bay.In South Africa, a wine farmer is 'employing' In

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  • How Do Animals Thrive Without Humans In This Chernobyl Nuclear Zone?

    After the Chernobyl disaster forced 100,000 people to abandon the area, a surprising number of wolf, elk and other wildlife have bloomed...

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