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  • Trapped Orca Freed in Russia!

    Four orca's were trapped by ice in shallow water in Russia's Sahkalin region recently.

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  • An Unexpected Bundle Of Joy At An Australia Zoo?

    Staff at at the Taronga Zoo in Australia were shocked when they found a joey peeking from its mother's pouch. No-one expected...

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  • Rescued Sea Turtles Undergoes Human Treatment Technique

    Seattle veterinarians will try to cure a rescued sea turtle's buoyancy disorder using a hyperbaric chamber, which is usually used to treat..

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  • Five Tiny Cheetahs Find an Unlikely Mom

    The five-baby cheetah cubs lost their mother at the Cincinnati Zoo after she could not recover from C-section surgery.

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  • Oh No! Young Elephant Stuck In Muddy Trap!

    An elephant stuck in deep mud in central Kenya was freed following extensive efforts from conservationists to rescue the animal.

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  • Meet The Cutest Bundle of Fluffy Joy

    Just a few weeks old and this fluffy baby ringed seal is tugging at the hearts of visitors as she snuggles up next to her mom.

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  • The Terrifying Reason This Sea Creature Washed Up In Ireland

    Typically found in warmer waters, Moray eels can grow up to 13 feet long and are feared for their painful bite.

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  • What Happened When a Baby Gorilla Met a Baby Human?

    The cutest thing ever, of course.

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  • Eat Breakfast With Giraffes in Africa

    "You really appreciate the size of a giraffe's head when it's in your cereal bowl."

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  • Ever Wanted To Be A Turtle? Your Dream Just Came True

    Explore the Great Barrier Reef from the perspective of a green turtle.

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