About Animalist

We all have a reaction to the animal world, whether it's love, fear, uncontrollable adoration, or total amazement. Animalist captures those moments by creating and sharing the most inspiring, fascinating, and passionate animal stories possible while positively impacting and advocating for animal welfare.

Powered by a team of genuine animal fans, we focus on learning anything and everything we can about the world of animals. What are new ways to understand our pets? What fuels our intellectual and emotional connections to wildlife? How can we use the powerful new tools of social media and online video to help animals of all kinds? Join our audience of all ages as we embark on a mission every day to learn something new or rally together for a cause.

Contact us via:info@animalist.com

  • Hai-Lam Phan

    Hai-Lam Phan


    Hai is a Producer at Animalist Network, who works on developing shows that aim to expand viewers' imagination and deepen their appreciation for the animal world. Hai has previously worked with Fremantle Media, Disney, Whole Foods, creating innovative, narrative-driven content for the digital space. His favorite color is clear; his favorite food is edible; and his favorite time is often too short. And he sucks at picking favorites. Hai's patronus is a meerkat.

    "No one in the world needs a mink coat, but a mink." -Murray Bank

  • Spencer Snider

    Spencer Snider

    Associate Producer

    Spencer joined Animalist to help develop and launch Animalist News in 2013. Before Animalist, he worked on Revision3's Tech Feed network, where he edited/produced several technology and science based shows. When not at work, you can find him working on his photography, exploring San Francisco, or frequenting various music venues around the Bay Area.

    Animal I'd Save Right Now If I Could: Blue Whales, because it's just not right to lose the world's largest living creature.

  • Paige Hansen

    Paige Hansen


    Paige coordinates with affiliates and in-house production teams to develop, produce, and promote several Animalist shows. Previously, Paige worked in media production at POPSUGAR, CBS Interactive, ABC News Nightline, and Newsweek Magazine. She spends most of her spare time traveling or compulsively checking the news.

    "If it fits, I sits." -Anonymous

  • Lee Mould

    Lee Mould

    Video Editor

    Lee is a video editor for Animalist. Before her unhealthy obsession with cute animal videos led her to join the Animalist team, Lee worked as a freelance editor on a variety of documentaries as well as for media companies, including Rooftop Comedy and ABC affiliate KTNV Las Vegas. She spends the majority of her free time going for swims with her best dog friend, Stella, and managing her fantasy football team.

    "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

    Animal I'd Save Right Now If I Could: Nevada's wild horses!

  • Molly Fosco

    Molly Fosco

    Audience Development Coordinator

    Molly manages the Animalist YouTube channels as well as the social media accounts, growing and developing all of our shows and their audiences. Previously, Molly has worked in digital media production for Katalyst Films, as well as assisted in producing various broadcast shows for CBS, TBS, and NBC. She is also an entertainment and lifestyle blogger for The Huffington Post, writing about anything and everything pop culture related.

    "Animals are my friends...and I don't eat my friends." -George Bernard Shaw

    Huffington Post Blog
  • Jenna Murrell

    Jenna Murrell

    Audience Development Coordinator

    Jenna happily lives with two Bengal cats and Great Dane/Black Lab mix, though her favorite animal is the Red Panda. With her recent move to San Francisco she spends most weekends proudly looking like a tourist and exploring new spots.

    "All you need is love...and dogs!"